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JCore is a Texas-based company dedicated to creating radically simple industrial IoT products. Since our founding in 2014, we’ve made modern web, cloud, and embedded technology accessible to a wide range of equipment manufacturers and asset owners.

Because we’re funded by operating profits rather than venture capital, we invest in each customer’s long-term success rather than chasing arbitrary growth targets. With a relentless focus on product quality, we deliver a high-end customer experience while offering our employees a healthy work / life balance.

Our commitment to sustainable relationships doesn’t end with our customers and employees. Our suppliers are vital to our success, and we strive to treat each of them with the highest level of fairness and respect.

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Jason McLaurin

An engineer with a passion for simplicity and technical excellence, Jason oversees JCore’s product development, sales, and overall strategic direction. After receiving his bachelors in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California, Jason began his career developing mission-critical electronics and software in areas including seismic exploration, oil and gas drilling, financial services, and industrial safety monitoring.

In the early 2010s, Jason became convinced that incumbent players in the industrial space were missing the boat on multiple technical revolutions: the increasing power of mobile web browsers, the rise of the full stack open source JavaScript ecosystem, and the efficiency of on-demand cloud computing. He channeled those beliefs into the founding of JCore Systems in 2014, partnering with savant software engineer Andy Edwards to build a full industrial IoT stack using these powerful and rapidly changing technologies.

Today, Jason still does a great deal of hands-on hardware and software engineering, while also shepherding JCore’s customer development and general management. He lives in San Antonio, Texas, where he enjoys raising his family, spending time outside, and fixing up old houses.

Andy Edwards looking into camera.

Andy Edwards

A talented and influential software engineer, Andy Edwards pioneered the full stack Javascript tooling behind JCore's cloud and edge software products.

Andy graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelors in computer science and worked in a number of industries, including oil and gas, financial services, and advertising. After joining JCore in 2014, Andy integrated a wide array of emerging open source technologies to create JCore’s full stack Javascript development environment. Andy frequently contributes code back to the open source community, helping drive the forward progress of the open source JavaScript ecosystem.

In addition to integrating popular open source tools, Andy has created countless groundbreaking original libraries for JCore in areas including automatic code generation, untrusted code execution, database change detection, and software build management.

Andy lives in Austin, Texas, where he’s heavily involved with the local cave exploration community. He has mapped previously unexplored cave systems across the United States and Mexico, contributed to conservation and education efforts, and even written software to visualize cave networks in 3D.

Forrest Keller looking into camera.

Forrest Keller

Forrest is a computer science student at Trinity University who joined JCore in 2022 as an intern in software engineering and marketing.

Born in Washington State, he grew up abroad, spending high school in Vietnam where he became passionate about technology through competitive robotics. Between high school and university, he spent a semester in Wyoming and Utah learning outdoor leadership through NOLS.

He began a career in software engineering by working on freelance and startup projects before interning for PayPal, where he developed web applications to support the developer team. At JCore, he contributes to Clarity and Clarity Gateway, and also develops custom software to meet the needs of customers.

In his free time between school and work, he enjoys playing guitar, running, and leading a coffee club he founded at his university.

Manoj Singireddy headshot in suit and tie.

Manoj Singireddy

Manoj is a third-year student in the Texas CSB Honors Program at the University of Texas at Austin, who joined JCore in 2023 as a Software Engineering Intern.

Though born in Missouri, he considers himself an Austin native after living there for most of his life. His journey in technology began with high school computer science classes and competitions, including UIL Computer Science. He continued to grow and excel through a series of successful internships with leading companies and institutions, where he demonstrated his proficiency in diverse technologies.

From developing full-stack web applications to designing high-performance lock-free algorithms, Manoj has excelled in various technologies that make him an extremely versatile software engineer.

Beyond his technical skills, Manoj is known for his love of dance, which he demonstrates as a part of a fusion dance team at UT Austin.

Karmanyaah Malhotra pushing box of electronics.

Karmanyaah Malhotra

Karmanyaah is a computer science student at the University of Texas at Austin who joined JCore in 2023 as an intern in electronics design and software engineering.

He spent became passionate about technology through competitive cybesecurity, robotics, and self-hosting servers. He has developed and contributed to several open source Linux and Android projects.

In his free time between school and work, he enjoys making LED art, urban exploring, and watching and reading science fiction.

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