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Elegant Cloud-Native Industrial IoT

Clarity brings real time industrial data directly to your web browser. With flexible dashboards, powerful charts, and mobile compatibility, your critical data is always within reach. Clarity’s built-in MQTT broker makes secure device communications a snap. And our extensive support for HTTPS/REST APIs makes it easy to integrate other data sources or analytics tools.

About Clarity
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Intelligence at the Edge

Clarity Gateway makes it easy to connect your edge data sources to the cloud. The interactive web interface lets you map data and inspect values in real time. With support for Modbus, MQTT, and EtherNet/IP, Clarity Gateway provides a secure bridge between legacy industrial protocols and secure cloud applications. Run Clarity Gateway on JCore Iron Pi hardware, or run it on your existing routers or computers using our publicly available Docker images.

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Raspberry Pi Goes Rugged

The Iron Pi makes the vibrant Raspberry Pi software ecosystem available in demanding industrial environments. Use the on-board Clarity Gateway software to connect to the cloud with zero code, or build your own solution using thousands of open source packages available for the Raspberry Pi OS. With 8 multi-function I/O points and two industrial serial ports, the Iron Pi has the connectivity to support your embedded industrial application.

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Cutting Edge Technology

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JCore is proud to harness the world’s leading open source projects, including ReactJS, Apollo, GraphQL, and NodeJS. From development tooling to cloud orchestration, our battle-tested technology stack can accelerate your development efforts and get you to market faster.

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