Rugged Raspberry Pi-compatible Industrial Computer

Connect your sensors directly to the cloud with Raspberry Pi compatible data acquisition hardware. Stream data to JCore Clarity, or build your own industrial IoT application using our built-in MQTT support.

The Power of Open Source

The standard Raspberry Pi supports a powerful ecosystem of open source software, but its low cost hardware wasn't built for industrial use. The Iron Pi combines a Raspberry Pi compatible core with industrial-grade I/O points, serial ports, USB / Ethernet ports, storage, and power supplies.

I/O Ports
8 x Multi-Function I/O Points
Serial Ports
Connect to legacy RS-485 and RS-232 devices
Robust on-board flash storage; no SD flash card
1.2GHz Quad Core ARM
IRON PI cm8 v2

Hardware Specs

1.2GHz Quad Core ARM
Operating System
Raspberry Pi OS (Linux)
Storage (Fixed)
4GB eMMC Flash
Real Time Clock
Supercapacitor-Backed, No Battery Required
Serial Ports
1 Port
1 Port
Flexible I/O
Total I/O Channels
I/O Modes Supported (Channels 1-4)
Analog Input, Digital Input, Digital Output
I/O Modes Supported (Channels 5-8)
Digital Input, Digital Output
Analog Input Characteristics
12 Bit, 7Hz Sampling Rate, 0-10V Measurement Range, 24 Volt Tolerant
Digital Input Characteristics
2 Volt On Threshold, Switchable 5K Pull-Up, 24 Volt Tolerant
Digital Output Characteristics
Open Drain, 0.5A Max Current, Switchable 5K Pull-Up, 24 Volt Tolerant
Power & Environmental
Input Power
12-24 Volts, 13 Watts
DIN Rail
Dimensions (LxWxH)
4.5” x 4.25” x 1.25” 
108mm x 109mm x 32mm
Operating Temp
-20C to +55C

Open Source Core

The Iron Pi runs the open source Raspberry Pi OS, so you can seamlessly migrate your existing Raspberry Pi applications to hardware that's built for industrial use. Run JCore's fully supported Clarity Gateway software, or build your own solution using Python, node.js, Java, and many other 3rd party solutions.

Explore our Code

We are proud to contribute and give back to the open source community. Visit our GitHub page and explore our 100+ repositories.

CM8 v2

Cloud Connect Your Infrastructure

Connect inputs and outputs directly to the cloud with the rugged Iron Pi. Request a quote today to harness the power of open source in your industrial IoT application.

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