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Turnkey Branded Industrial IoT

Sell real-time connectivity to your customers. Dedicated / Hosted Clarity is fully branded for your company, including the URL, login screens, and web application itself. Even the notifications are branded with your company’s identity, and the in-app support chats are routed to your own customer support team.

Customer Organizations Done Right

Bringing real time IoT data to your customers raises a host of data privacy concerns. How do you ensure that customers can only see their own assets, while your in-house support group can see everything? Clarity makes it easy to set up customer organizations, onboard users, and give stakeholders access to the dashboards and notifications they need. Once you’ve created a customer organization, you can even delegate user management and provisioning to your customer’s staff, relieving administrative burdens on your own staff.

Easily Connect Your Machines

JCore’s edge software makes it a snap to connect most industrial controllers to the cloud. Clarity Gateway makes it simple to translate between legacy protocols like Modbus and EtherNet/IP and secure IoT protocols like MQTT over SSL. Clarity Gateway runs on the JCore Iron Pi, on 3rd party Linux devices with a modern Docker runtime, or on a Windows 10 PC.

If your devices support MQTT with SSL encryption, then they may be able to connect directly to Clarity’s built-in MQTT broker without the need for any protocol translation. Contact JCore for more information about device compatibility.

Automate Your Reporting

Clarity makes it easy to automate labor-intensive reporting workflows. You can configure recurring reports that send recorded data to your customers on a fixed schedule, or even send out reports when specific events happen. Clarity’s reporting manager lets you select which channels to include, the reporting interval or triggering events, and which aggregations to use on the data.

Get To Market Faster

Industrial IoT applications are like icebergs–most of the work required to build them is hidden below the water line. Features like gauges, plots, and notifications are obvious needs, but the administrative tools needed to successfully operate at scale can take years to properly develop. For example, when a user isn’t getting notifications, how do you audit which alarms they’re subscribed to, and whether your system can deliver messages to their phone or email? When a device isn’t communicating, how do you see its real time connection status and troubleshoot potential protocol errors? JCore Clarity ships on day one with the tools to handle these situations, which helps you quickly get to market with a superior customer experience.

Fully Managed in Your Cloud or Ours

Dedicated Clarity is fully managed by JCore, including hosting, bug fixes, software updates, and support. We can host the application in our AWS account for a full turnkey experience, or we can deploy it in your AWS account for better ownership and tighter integration with your IT infrastructure.

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